Hello everyone,

I thought it might be useful to give you some tips on how to apply foundation.  It’s a question that many people ask me and I’ll be very honest with you.  It’s not very difficult.  Provided you have prepared your skin first and you have the correct foundation colour to suit your complexion.  That is the most important point of all!  It doesn’t matter how beautifully you have applied your foundation, if it’s the wrong colour it looks really wrong!

Follow these steps:


1. )   Ensure that your face is cleansed properly and that your hands are also clean.

2.)    Moisturise your skin and apply sunscreen.  It’s very important that you protect your skin from sun exposure at all times.  The Sun is the Number 1 skin ager!  There are many affordable and excellent moisturisers with SPF available for all types of skin.  Just make sure you apply it around 5 minutes before you apply any foundation.


3.)   Apply a suitable primer for your skin type.  Primers are excellent for smoothing out the skin, hydrating and even giving it a little glow.  Most contain waxes, polymers, and silicones. These substances can form a bond with other cosmetics, causing the cosmetics to have more longevity than they would otherwise. For example, a lip primer can keep lip colour fresher and stop the feathering that might otherwise happen. Primer used around the eye area can stop eyeshadow from creasing. And when applying foundation, it often takes less foundation to achieve the same effect if primer has been applied beforehand. Primers can come in gels, creams and lotions. Bottom line? Get yourself a good primer!


4.)    You can now go ahead and apply your chosen foundation.  You can use several tools to apply it.  Brushes, sponges (although sponges must be wet!) and your hands.  Hands are an excellent way of applying foundation as your hands are warm and can blend the product into the skin more easily.  There are several types of brushes to apply foundation and most of these are a synthetic brush that allows smooth application.  You can also use a stippling brush or a blending brush which is also made of synthetic fibre and allows you to blend the foundation all over without over applying or leaving streaks.  Remember NEVER apply too much foundation to begin with.  You can always apply more should you need more.  BUT if you go overboard then you have to clean it off and start the whole process again!  And honestly who has time to do that?


5.)    Even out your skin a little more with a good concealer or corrector.  Concealers work to ‘conceal’ blemishes or under eye circles.  Correctors ‘correct’ any skin discolouration and can brighten, particularly under the eye.  Ensure that the product is blended and pressed into the skin.


6.)    Once you have evened everything out, you must set your foundation with a powder.  Pressed or loose it doesn’t matter.  The function is the same.  It will help to stop the foundation from sliding off your face.  Again not too much otherwise it will cake.  You can apply by using a big powder brush or by using a velour puff.  Use a press and roll action to press the product into the skin thereby making it look like part of the skin.


So quick summary:

1.    Clean skin
2.    Moisturised skin
3.    Primer
4.    Foundation (right shade)
5.    Concealer or corrector
6.    Set it all with powder

You have now created an even toned, flawless base.  Now you’re ready to apply your colour.  Remember the only limit is your imagination!